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Quick Tips: Taming Your Cravings

Are you looking to cut back on how much you use?  We think that’s hella cool.  We also know that it can be one of the hardest things to do.  So, hang in there and don’t beat yourself up about any slip-ups.  Remember, they call it a habit for a reason - it’s super hard to break out of that routine.  Luckily, we have a couple of experts on the subject right on our staff.  Whether they have quit themselves or were an actual “Quit Coach” for a local health department - not braggin’ just sayin’ - we’ve got a good handle on what you are up against.  So we’ve compiled some pointers to help guide you on your journey.

Delay Cravings
It’s hard, but try not to give into a craving as soon as it hits you - delay your reaction to them.  If you smoke/vape first thing in the morning, see if you can push off that cig until your morning commute.  Once you do that for a while, see if you can’t push it off until after your commute and so on.  We know we’re bias, but our little picks have helped ward off a few really intense cravings.  Plus, their flavor lasts for about 20-60 minutes so it’s perfect for your commute or morning routine. They even might get you through a few shows in your quest to marathon an entire season in one sitting. 
Distract Yourself
Your first line of defense when you are taking on mad cravings is to try and distract yourself.  See if you can’t play a game on your phone, do a crossword puzzle, take a walk, phone a friend, widdle something out of wood, watch a YouTube video or two, or visit our website (shameless plug).  It might take your mind off things for a bit until the craving passes.
Take Deep Breaths
That’s right, we want you to deep breathe like you're a dang yoga master.  The way to do that is with two breaths - the first will expand your chest and the second your stomach. This is actually easier than you think.  One of the things many people do right while smoking or vaping is taking in some good deep breaths - so you have it in you.  Just think about lifting a cig/pen (an invisible one) to your lips having a puff (pursed lips-chest rises) and then opening your mouth to continue the breath and pull it deeper. If it helps, try mimicking the cig/pen with hand-to-mouth action using a toothpick (but not in your mouth - we don’t want you to choke).  Give it a try, you can calm some pretty cranky times with a little bit of breath action.
Drink Water
Don’t think we really need to say much more than that.  If you're cranky, have a drink of water.  Feel tired? Have a drink of water. Need more time to come up with an answer to a difficult question like, “what happened to the truck?” That’s right, slowly drink some water. 

Anywho, that just about sums up our tips.  We’ve had and tried some others but these seem to be the tried and true ways.  Have some more questions, we're happy to chat. We’ll put all our best minds on it...we might even invite Craig.  Hit us up on our social media pages with questions, we’re not saying their clinical advice, but can certainly exchange some ideas.  Good luck!


If you want more help in quitting we strongly suggest visiting: SMOKEFREE.GOV. This site has some incredible tools and resources.  You can also call: 1-800-QUIT-NOW to talk to someone.

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