WE WILL BE BACK!!! Only orders placed OUTSIDE the United States are permitted at this time

Due to current FDA Regulations we had to pause sales of our Nicotine Picks until approval for our PMTA. This application is required for all Nicotine Products developed after 2007. Please visit WWW.PICKSTICKS.COM to try our caffeine infused toothpicks. CLICK HERE TO TRY THEM TODAY! Same great taste just without nicotine!

How to use Nicotine Toothpicks?

We’re sure glad someone finally asked us.  Lucky for us, the answer is pretty darn easy.  However, we’re gonna try and make it sound technical so we seem a little bit smarter.  Just kidding, but we do want you to use our toothpicks correctly, so you get the most out of what you paid for – sound fair?

STEP 1:  Remove a single toothpick from the tube - we know some of you are doubling up or combining flavors, but we really don’t recommend it.  The 3MG of nicotine is designed to mimic the amount you get from smoking a cigarette and too much nicotine could make you sick.  So, best to stick with one at a time. 

STEP 2:  Place "pick" between your cheek and gum. We’ve included a picture to help you out.  You'll begin to feel a peppery tingle as your mouth absorbs the nicotine.


STEP 3:  Don't chew or suck the "pick." Just let it do its thing 'til you want a little more nicotine. Need less, just take it out for a bit. Please note: Sucking NicotinePicks™ may cause you to swallow larger doses of nicotine and could cause hiccups, indigestion, and/or heartburn. Chewing toothpicks is never advised; the wood can splinter and may result in the ingestion of fragments.

STEP 4:  To release more nicotine, just lightly bite it or flip to using the other side of the "pick" that's been resting on your lip.  We don’t recommend trying to flip this in your mouth.  Haven’t you ever seen Uncle Buck???  #ToothpickFails

STEP 5: When you've finished your "pick," please dispose of it responsibly - out of reach of pets and children.  Avoid touching your eyes after use - we found out the hard way just how unpleasant it can be. So, best to wash your hands if you’ve been handling your toothpick and really enjoy touching your face. 

Well, that pretty much sums it up.  If something is still confusing or you have more questions, please reach out to our team at: sales@nicotinepicks.com.
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