WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Flavored Nicotine Toothpicks

with Zero Tar, Zero Calories and Zero Sugar!!!



When you can't Smoke/Vape you're covered.

Nicotine Picks™ are Nicotine Toothpicks with a great flavor.


Nicotine Picks aren't your father's Nicotine toothpick. Other nicotine items may not taste very well and don't last very long. Unlike other Nicotine solutions, Nicotine Picks™ are not soaked in nicotine. Nicotine Picks™ are infused under pressure so the entire fiber is exposed to nicotine and cinnamon flavor. The results are great tasting toothpicks that typically last longer than traditional nicotine products. Slightly chew the toothpick to control how quickly nicotine is being released.


Perfect for the times you can't smoke.


Many public places such as restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, bars, offices, etc. ban smoking and even starting to restrict E-Cigs. Nicotine Picks™ delivers nicotine to your system for the times you can't vape, smoke or chew.


Available in Stores


Nicotine Picks™ toothpicks are also sold in stores. If Nicotine Picks™ is not available in your store, request Nicotine Picks™ by name and direct your store manager to www.nicotinepicks.com or have them call our toll free 1-800-370-0317 hotline for more information.


Distributor/Wholesale Pricing


For more information, distributor/wholesale pricing and helpful sales advice,

call 1-800-370-0317 or email sales@nicotinepicks.com today.

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