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Are toothpicks a good substitute for hunters?

We enjoy getting questions to discuss internally, and since September this has a been a popular one - are NicotinePicks™ a good substitute for smoking during hunting season? That’s a dang fine question for us to ponder and one our own team has debated internally.  The short answer is “sure."  We mean, it makes sense doesn't it.  The long answer, well that requires a bit more reading. 
The way we see it, hunters go to great lengths to ensure they remain incognito from their prey. They deck themselves in head-to-toe camouflage, wash clothes in special detergent, shower with special non-scent or scent-cancelling soaps, and ritually spray scent killer before heading into the woods.  Heck, we’ve heard of some hunters going vegan for the hunting months to avoid smelling like a predator.  We personally draw the line at something or ANYTHING taking away our bacon, but we get it.  If you spent days, hours, weeks, waiting patiently while freezing in your underoos only to NOT bag a single buck, you’d get it too.  
So we have to wonder why smoking or chewing during a hunt is still up for debate.  It makes sense that a burning cigarette or aromatic chaw would seem counterintuitive to all the other rituals.  That being said we have grandfathers, uncles, and braggy neighbors that claim they do none of these and manage to get something every year.  Although, Frank has oddly never captured a picture of these so-called prize bucks.
The bottom line, we don’t know the answer but collectively think it makes sense to chew a toothpick rather than sending up a cloud of aromatic smoke or create puddles of tobacco scent and spit. We also know that our nicotine toothpicks have zero smoke, zero spit, zero tobacco and 3mg of the nicotine.  They keep us alert and give us an enjoyable long-lasting flavor, so that’s something.  
So, there you have it!  We’ll keep on pickin’ and you’ll have to make your own call. Stay stealthy, friends and keep the questions rolling in.  We'll try to answer them.
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